Why I love Italy

So it was a baking August day, three years ago, when I first set foot (and soul) on Italian ground. Résumé:  38 degrees (minimum), a colossal collection of small igneous and yet waaay too crowded streets. Even though, this might sound like the perfect recipe for an unfortunate holiday, look where all this madness got me: craving to discover more and more every year, making plans while dreaming with my eyes wide open and crazy in love with this country.

‘it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight’

And while my fourth round of plane tickets to Italy are patiently waiting for the check-in this April, I (on the other hand not that patiently) am asking myself how is this country working its…magic? But feeling my heart skipping some beats while thinking and writing about those places, I am starting to realise it. The enchantment is carefully hidden along those stony streets, in those small flavoured sips of genuine coffee, glorious food as well as in the Italian vivid spirit. This kind of energy must have its deep roots somewhere around the fields of Tuscany, in the small colorful beaches of Cinque Terre or simply in the land of almighty  Vesuvius. Ah, those superb landscapes…so sumptuous and yet so serene.  Totally  understandable why two years ago I decided to age gracefully in a house in Italy, enjoying my cherry flavoured ice cream ‘under the Tuscan sun’.

 Funny how I can almost feel the taste of wine on my lips while refreshing all these memories…

img_4008-1photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_4111-1photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_4114-1photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_4439-1photo by Maarten Verspoor


img_4667-1Photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_5128-1photo by Maarten Verspoor


img_5592-1photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_5727-1photo by Maarten Verspoor

IMG_5760-1.jpgphoto by Maarten Verspoor

img_9554-26photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_9952-222photo by Maarten Verspoor

img_9802-161photo by Maarten Verspoor



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jolene says:

    Yes definitely feeling the vibes there. Awesome photos, hope to catch some on my first outing to bathe under the Tuscan Sun myself… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. andbeatrice says:

      You will love it!


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