10 typical Dutch dishes you must try

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I will try to behave. I will try to mind my manners and not drool while writing this little article. This little article about…food. God, I love food! I mean, really really love it. I love trying new things wherever I go. And I’m not talking about ‘all-inclusive-burger-by-the-pool’ kind of food, but that delicious perfect one you can find right down the corner  of an unknown street, that delicious coffee you can taste without having your name written on your ‘to-go-cup’. That, is the kind of food I’m talking about. These are the kind of dishes and coffee that give me the opportunity to explore…to have a proper taste of the entire place.

Just to make myself clear, when I’m on a trip, almost  ¾ of my money is flying away on food, while the rest of it goes for small souvenirs and entrance fees. I mean, c’mon, I can’t be the only one in this situation, can I?! Plus, I don’t even think about feeling bad about myself; not when I’m easily walking for almost 15 km/ day. No, sir!

So, cutting to the chase, here I was on my last trip and for the second time there: Netherlands. Ok, and for those of you who don’t know, you can find lots of delicious traditional food there as well. And I mean lots of it. Everywhere. The last one somehow tastier than the one you had before. Or maybe not…maybe that one you tried yesterday was even better. Ok, you’re done! They are all  heavenly delicious and you will try not to look too suspicious in the next cheese shop you’ll be going in. That’s how Netherlands does it! Do try it! Do taste everything you can and you will love it.Here are a few of the ‘food-thingies’ that will make you experience Netherlands at its finest:

1. Stroopwafels. Translation: two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle.



2. Raw herring or ‘broodje haring’ with pickles and onions



3.  Kibbeling. Translation: deep fried morsels of white fish, served with sauce and lemon.


4. Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese. God, I love cheese!



5. Bitterballen. Translation: deep fried crispy meatballs (typically with a mixture of beef or veal, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper) served with mustard for dipping.

dscn0486photo credits: wanderandlustblog.wordpress.com

6. Croquettes. Bitterballen are very similar to these krokets in their ingredients and flavour as well, but the main difference here is only the distinct sausage shape of the croquettes. PS: try those from FEBO, that wonderful Dutch vending machine. And since you’ll be visiting FEBO anyway, go on and try that Cheese soufflé. You’re welcome!



7. Poffertjes. Translation: BABY PANCAKES!!! Lovely fluffy delicious baby pancakes!             -drooling-



8. Drop. Traslation: Dutch licorice. I am definitely not THE fan of these things but apparently, Dutch people really love these dark candies.

img_1844-1024x764photo credits: blogs.cie.utoronto.ca 

9.Dutch fries, or let’s just keep it simple and call them what they really are everywhere we go: fries.


10. Koffie Verkeerd. Translation: meaning literally “coffee wrong”, or the Dutch version of a caffè latte. They call it wrong simply because a normal coffee would contain only a slight amount of milk instead of the 50/50 ratio.

koffie_verkeerd_cafe_mp_amsterdamphoto credits: commons.wikimedia.org


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  1. Tanja says:

    I had those waffles:) love them!

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