Top 5 things to do in Gießen

I  won’t make much fuss nor give this entry a title like ‘Reasons why you should visit Gießen’ because this article isn’t about that. Had the chance to live there for 2 months and now that my extended visit has come to an end, I decided to take the time and write a few words about this pretty little place; you know, just in case you will find yourself passing by and you won’t have the slightest idea about what on earth you can do there. Of course, most of you haven’t even heard about it and I don’t expect you’ve read anything about it on a travel blog that praises this unique place along with the recommendation to go there ASAP. Here is my ‘what-to-do’ list if you ever have the chance to spend a few hours there.



1. Botanischer Garten

You can walk in the oldest (400 year old) botanical garden in Germany and enjoy a quiet walk or a good book among all the wonderful displays of plants. There is no entrance fee and this small green treasure of Gießen can easily be found right in the heart of the city.






2. Mathematikum Museum

Well, this one was definitely one of the nicest surprises in Gießen since it’s not the typical museum you visit, but full of interactive exhibits of physics and math in a form that both adults and children can enjoy. Take a few hours to visit the first math museum of the world along with the coolest explanations you have ever seen. It is a great place for playing with lots of physical and mathematical knowledge you couldn’t have imagined before.

PS: it will take about 3 hours; and for adults a lot of ‘frustration’ as well.




3. Gießen Park

Pointless to say how much I like German parks; such a vast amount of public green spaces. Within them you’ll find calm lakes, lots of frisky bunnies, a couple of restaurants, special play areas for kids, biking trails, a large swimming pool, along with many secret little places to sit, relax and have a picnic. I mean, who doesn’t love picnics?







4. Flohmarkt- Antik & Trödel

Every first Sunday of the month, Gießen hosts a colorful treasure perfect for everyone… and I mean EVERY-one! Do you need a bike? Fine, you’ll find it. Do you want to buy some special gifts for your beloved ones and fridge magnets are now too mainstream? Fine, you’ll find these as well. What if you don’t need something? No problem, because you can go there just to experience one German flohmarkt… ok and maybe hunt some hidden  treasures. To sum it all up, Gießen’s flohmarkt, (like any flohmarkt in Germany) provides a very classical yet fantastic expedition, as the ensemble of singular objects as well as the colorful maze of stalls provide a visual feast to one’s eyes.



5. Best ice cream in Gießen

Heiszeit it is! You can find it on Plockstraße 7, you know: just in case.

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