10 reasons to pack and move to Netherlands

Mama, hear me out: I’m gonna move here one day! What do you mean ‘why’?

Are you telling me you’ve tasted the ‘lekkere stroopwafels’ with the golden, melted caramel you can find just around the corner and haven’t fallen in love yet? What about the (broodje) haringm or the heavenly delicious cheese? Oh, the cheese here! And have you seen these beautiful houses quietly watching over all these boats that dress up the canals? Have you walked down the streets hearing nothing but the sound of rain and bicycle bells? And have you ever stayed long enough to have both the sun and the wind playing with your hair while riding your bicycle along the canals? What about the flower markets? Have you actually spent 15 € for 50 tulips, just to see how it feels to hold a rainbow in your arms? And the people…you know what they say about the Dutch people, don’t you? They are extremely blunt, never late and extremely tolerant as long as you stay away from the bike lane (DO stay away from the bike lane!); and if you haven’t heard yet, the Dutch are among the happiest people in the world.  This is what I know for sure: I want to master this ‘joie de vivre’ as well, so yes, excuse me if I’m just gonna leave these things here while I go to my first Dutch lesson.

DSC_0124 v2

20150327_123024 v2












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  1. Jolene says:

    I absolutely love those shots! As I’m planning my itinerary for Amsterdam for next year this comes extremely handy! Are you from the Netherlands?
    I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to visit your site, I have tried a number of times before to click your site name in WP but for some reason it never allowed me to view it…
    Anyhow, I’m very happy to be able to view your site at last and look forward to sharing the WP journey! ☺️

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    1. andbeatrice says:

      Hey Jolene! Thank you so much!
      I am from Romania, but I visited the Netherlands for a couple of times already and I must say: it’s one perfect country! I am sure you will love your trip there!
      PS: you should add Romania on your list, as well

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